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Seek Excellence in everything we do

Positive attitude in all our challenges

Integrity in demonstrating our values

Responsibility for our  actions – including listening,  responding, communicating and providing help

Investment – continuous learning and development with feedback

Timely – speed with purpose


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October 22nd - Sunday Independent - Business Section. "Emotionally Smart" - Maureen Hewitt interviewed about expertise in using "EQ-i" assessments for recruitment and talent management

About PSG – Life Coaching Courses-Career Change-Life Coach Training

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Dublin,  Cork – Galway, Ireland. Glasgow, Edinburgh – Scotland. Warsaw – Poland. Client sites in Europe and the Far East.

Our Purpose.

To provide a positive learning and development environment for individuals and groups to develop their awareness, of self and others, through strengths coaching. To operate true to our values and provide leadership
through contribution and participation. To walk our talk – knowing, doing and being.

Accreditations and Registrations

  • The Executive and Life Coaching Diploma is accredited by the LBCAI (Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland) and is recognised for membership in Europe with the AC

About Positive Success Group

We are an established learning and development company whose mission is to provide a professional positive environment for individuals and groups to develop their awareness and enhance their skills through our core services of Training, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Learning and Development Masterclasses in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. We excel at programme design and delivery.

What you get with Positive Success Group is a genuine interest in you, your company and your challenges and complete dedication in helping you to succeed. We operate true to our values and are completely passionate about people development.

In order to achieve success in today’s world, it is imperative that you are aware how to demonstrate  your level of knowledge through your actions and behaviours.

We help you to improve and increase your employability by providing learning which is accredited and professionally recognised with FETAC and FAS awards.

About our Executive and Life Coaching Courses

We have been called Ireland’s top coach training company and having run over 25 executive coaching and life coaching courses we have now trained and qualified hundreds of professional coaches.

Some of the reasons, the goals, that our students give for wanting coach training are: personal development, increase employability, a career change, flexible working hours, to develop self confidence and self belief, to enhance professional and personal skills, alternative income stream and a desire to help people.

Our coach training is unique and gives you the theoretical and practical skills you need to find and develop your own coaching style. It also helps you to build the self-confidence and self-belief to reach your goals.

If you want accredited and professional executive and life coaching training then our executive and life coaching diploma is the best one for you. We have great expertise of training coaches and give professional coach training combined with continual support.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your executive coaching or life coaching course and of course there are many coaching courses to choose from. It’s important to you, and to us, to choose the right one for you. After all, this may be your new career and it’s vitally important to develop a solid foundation of core competencies on which to grow your skills.

So, why should you choose our executive and life coaching courses?

  • Our executive and life coaching courses are accredited by the LBCAI. That’s the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland. After successful graduation you may choose to join this organisation or other organisations such as the ICF(International Coaching Federation) or the AC (Association of Coaching). Note that organisations other than the LBCAI may require additional membership criteria, for instance proof of a number of hours of logged and paid coaching with clients, sessions with a coach-mentor etc.
  • We are a FETAC Registered Training provider. This means that we meet their high standards of quality assurance for policies and procedures including. The executive and life coaching course includes a (free) option to gain an additional qualification – the FETAC Level 6 Component Certificate in Coaching.

  • Our trainers. All our trainers are highly experienced at facilitation and are also qualified and experienced executive and life coaches. We select only the best trainers and coaches and you gain the benefit of their expertise, their commitment and their passion for training. All our trainers have FAS Approved Qualifications.
  • Our course structure and content. The course was developed and is continually enhanced and improved by Maureen Hewitt, one of Ireland’s top coaches. Maureen has a great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in coaching and course design. (More about Maureen below). All of her real-world experience is bought into the course. So all the case studies and examples are based on real companies and real people. The skills, tools and techniques that you learn are those that  actually work in the real world.
  • Our teaching methods. The courseis highly experiential. We believe in learning by doing.
  • Our support. As we are all qualified coaches, we like helping people to achieve their best results.  We’ll support you throughout the course and after you qualify.
  • Our past students. See our testimonial pages for quotes from the hundreds of people, just like you, who have already qualified as an executive and life coach.

About Maureen Hewitt. Managing Director and Course Director for Europe

Maureen has over 25 years experience in business, training, consulting and coaching and has been running her own business since 1997. She is also the founding member of Emotional Intelligence Ireland the first centre for assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence in Ireland.

Maureen  is a people-oriented coach, trainer and presenter who is equally effective when delivering rousing motivational sessions for large audiences or catalyzing personal growth in the intimacy of the executive coaching environment. Maureen has a particular skill in building rapport with people at all levels of the organisation, bridging political and hierarchical gaps. Her approach to “Feeling it happen” has benefited many strategic projects for companies progressing through business growth.

Maureen currently focuses on Leadership and Executive Coaching for senior and middle management. She has a natural ability to easily translate her wealth of personal experience into a coaching context in many areas. This, together with her overwhelming passion to give her clients value and a propensity towards caring and holistic development makes her a much sought after Executive Coach.

Maureen has coached hundreds of individuals and executives to tap in to their potential and achieve success with their personal and business goals.   She is the ‘Confidence Coach’ for IrishJobs.ie   Her recent media features have been, The Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post, Business Section of Sunday Independent, Jobs and Careers section of The Independent, RTE Radio 1 live with Ryan Tubridy, TodayFM live with Ray Darcy, TodayFM live on the Sunday Business World program and  recently featured in Business and Finance as one of Ireland’s leading executive coaches.

Maureen’s many years of experience designing and delivering tailored learning and development programs for a wide variety of organisations accross Europe  including  Zurich Insurance, O2, Dell, Bank of America, Clarion Hotel Group, Government Departments

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