Walking our Talk

Seek Excellence in everything we do

Positive attitude in all our challenges

Integrity in demonstrating our values

Responsibility for our  actions – including listening,  responding, communicating and providing help

Investment – continuous learning and development with feedback

Timely – speed with purpose


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"It's a powerful experience! Great insight in your life! The best piece of Personal Development I've had in my life. Very positive experience to be with such a wonderful group of people!"
Magdalena. Pyschologist.

Assessments and Development

Whether you want your leadership team to fulfil their group potential OR you need to identify for yourself what your potential is you must start by assessing what you have Your performance can then be developed with your true potential in mind.

Maureen Hewitt the founder and managing director is one of the leading experts on assessment and development using coaching and emotional intelligence.  Her constant research and work in this field since 2001 has given her an enviable insight into how best gather evidence, interpret results and develop a personal or business coaching action plan.   The proof is with the people – measured results showing improvement in all areas of emotional intelligence and a real sense of ownership and accountability for actions.

Clients who have success from our service

National Disability Association (NDA), Eircom, O2, RTE

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