Walking our Talk

Seek Excellence in everything we do

Positive attitude in all our challenges

Integrity in demonstrating our values

Responsibility for our  actions – including listening,  responding, communicating and providing help

Investment – continuous learning and development with feedback

Timely – speed with purpose


PSG Success Bank Account

April 30th, Sunday Business Post, Executive Coaching, features Maureen Hewitt and Emotional Intelligence Ireland as experts in coaching senior managers


We focus our consulting in the areas of culture change – preparing, planning, doing and reviewing.  Our benefit to you is we bring years of real evidence based experience and knowledge from organisations who have done it and the lessons learnt

We will offer you a new perspective, one which takes an holistic approach to looking at what your needs are.  This means – we don’t tell you what you already know – we show you what you haven’t seen and bring to your attention the reality check of how things are and how they could be.  With you, we will then provide a detailed and tailored plan for learning and development to ensure change is a positive factor and is embraced and sought out with creativity and innovation.

Clients who have success from our service include:
O2 Ireland, Portobello School, Finglas Child and Adolescent Centre

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