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"It's a powerful experience! Great insight in your life! The best piece of Personal Development I've had in my life. Very positive experience to be with such a wonderful group of people!"
Magdalena. Pyschologist.

Training Courses

Summer 2010 / Autumn 2010

Date Course Location Duration Fees
FULL Certificate in Leadership Coaching All Hallows College
3 days €1150
April 23rd
Certificate in Career Coaching All Hallows College
3 days. 23 – 25 April
May 22nd Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching All Hallows College
7 weekends and 3 Wednesday evenings over 8 months €2550
May 29th Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching River Lee Hotel
(formerly Jurys Hotel),
Western Road.
7 weekends and 3 Wednesday evenings over 7 months €2550
May Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring All Hallows College
4 days €1800
May Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring Athlone 4 days €1800
May Working with Emotional Intelligence All Hallows College
2 days €750
May Working with Emotional Intelligence Athlone 2 days €750
July/Aug Train the Trainer River Lee Hotel
(formerly Jurys Hotel),
Western Road.
Days: 21/22 July, 11 Aug

Evening : 27 August

July/Aug Train the Trainer All Hallows College
Days: 28/29 July, 19 Aug

Evening : 3rd September

August Coaching for
Personal Branding
Cork and Dublin
Cork:   27 August

Dublin: 3 September

September Certificate in Career Coaching

6 Evenings

Sept: 28th  Oct:5,12,19,26

Nov: 2nd

October 7th Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching Go Business and training Centre
7 weekends and 3 Thursday evenings over 6 months €2750
October 9th Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching Centrum Szkoleniowe Europrofes, Ul. Sielecka 22, 00-738
7 weekends 10,500zl
October 9th Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching All Hallows College
7 weekends and 1 Wednesday evening over 6 months €2550

To book your place on any of the above programs, contact our training offices on


Phone Email
Dublin In Ireland – Lo-Call 1890 253 134


+353 (0)1 895 6820


Cork In Ireland – Lo-Call 1890 253 134
Glasgow +44 (0)141 416 0567 gdip@positivesuccessgroup.com
Poland +48 (0)22 389 5411 polska@positivesuccessgroup.com

Positive Success Group demonstrate the highest of standards by being a registered FETAC provider, FAS recognised course and trainers and having the Diploma course accredited with the LBCAI now for the 25th time.

Our Train the Trainer course is on the FAS/EI NRT Approved Qualifications List.
On succesful completion of the course you may apply for registration on the FAS/EI National Register of Trainers provided you fulfil other eligibility criteria (See www.fas.ie for more details)

Our facilitation faculty are a highly qualified and experienced dynamic team.  They are always in demand  to provide a  safe and  highly experiential style of learning and development for their programme attendees.  There is a passion that is evident in the care before, during and after each attendee engages with on a PSG programme.  The rewards are huge satisfaction and fullfillment in being able to work with inspirational people from all walks of life in a positive way. With this passion we continue to forge long lasting relationships and partnerships with like minded people and businesses.

PSG Style Coaching is based on the following

Individuals hold beliefs and belief systems and their behaviour is affected by what they believe whether it is true or not. Understanding the rational behind why we hold on to our beliefs and taking control of what belief systems benefit us today gives us the power to be who we want to be.

Awareness of our values and core values, triggers and motivations can result in significant change in our behaviour.  We can be true to who we are and ‘deselect’ behaviours that are taking our energy and power away.

By understanding who we are and identifying who we want to be, we can learn new habits and maintain the consistency of our positive behaviour. Exploring what we are putting up with and what we give away at a great cost to ourselves allow us identify energy drains. Knowing what we are willing to tolerate and learning to educate those around us protects our energy, time and spirit.

Change involves preparation from the inside out.  We are more likely to be successful and indeed more open to change when we have an internal support system (our beliefs) and an external support system (people we choose)  We believe in change with intent, having a purpose and engaging in the positive benefits that are sustainable from a personal and organisational point.

When you are involved in personal and professional development you need to have an understanding of learning, human development, social interaction, motivation, and emotional intelligence.  This coaching diploma uses these factors as a foundation on which the course is facilitated. Learning is best done and remembered when it has been experienced, hence why so much of this course is based on practical work and real experience.

Some reasons our students give as to why this course is so successful:

“The method of learning”; “course content”; “course objectives”

“Continued follow on support and learning”; “the quality of facilitation”

“Value for money”; “Being part of the PSG coaching community”

Positive Psychology is at the core of our training and coaching. Positive psychology is the scientific pursuit of optimal human functioning and the building of a field focusing on human strength and virtue. It builds on the best science and research methods that shed light on the “dark side” of human functioning, and it opens the door to understanding prevention and health promotion. Dr. Martin Seligman (1998) noted:

“We have discovered that there is a set of human strengths that are the most likely buffers against mental illness: courage, optimism, interpersonal skill, work ethic, hope, honesty and perseverance. Much of the task of prevention will be to create a science of human strength whose mission will be to foster these virtues.”


The Positive Success Group is a member of several global organisations and associations in the pursuit of best-practise coaching techniques and strategies including the LBCAI, Coaching Alliance and ICF

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